OP300S for Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Tank
Applicable Products A: OP300S -2:1 Transfer pump (ISO/POL)
B: Suction Hose (From IBC Tank Outlet to Pump Inlet), 3/4" NPT
C: Pump Stand Assembly
D: Fluid Hose(From Pump Outlet to the Point of Delivery), 3/4” NPT
E: Desiccant Air Dryer
Industry PU in-plant spray foam application
Solution For changeover IBC Tank (Both ISO & Polyol)
Benefits Higher efficiency in pumps changing
IPM’s OP300S patented stubby pump could be stand-alone mounted with just a flexible hose and a dip tube. This allows the operator to just pull out the dip tube from an empty drum to another drum in lesser time as compared to previously where pump changing is a tedious process to operators.