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HO !  HO ! HO ! from the team at IPM in festive Seattle !

Our "Holiday" specials are good through December 31, so show up soon for big savings !   Santa will be leaving Seattle soon !!  Santa's elves are helping us prepare pumps and kits for your customers...so order before the 23rd !!!     In fact  - order today !
  • Maintenance kits...not repair kits (OK they are the same thing !...but let's maintain our customers pumps not just repair failures)....buy now for extra discount...call Zina...
  • Holiday closing...see below....buy your stock pumps now !
We will be closed from the 23rd December through the 1st January for a well deserved observance of this wonderful season.
We will be with our families and loved ones, we hope you will be too.
  • We have stock pumps ready to ship today with your order...so buy now before the first of the year and plan for your 2014 sales push...that first month is always a struggle so let's plan for it with IPM pumps on your shelves and ready to go !
What makes a great supplier ? How do we stack up ?
We know we constantly need to do good things to be your supplier of choice. Quality Value and Reliability are the traits that we aim to consistently achieve. We also have been supplying our pumps to many of you for many many years.
  • We recognize the competitive environment that we play in and want to maintain a strong position with you
  • Whenever the 'new kid' comes on the block, even though he may have been around before, please consider what they say they will offer and what IPM have ALWAYS offered, Quality, Value and Reliability. As we know, talk is cheap but years of solid performance counts for everything, in the eyes of our customers.
Please connect with us directly to provide improvement input...on any subject !

Pricing pressure affecting us: We source many components from around the world, like all good global manufacturers, and some raw material and some commodity prices rise and fall, and as we all know, despite our best efforts, pricing pressure will cause changes. A price adjustment letter has been issued, to  and the new price list is available in three formats, .pdf, .csv and .xls....all three can be downloaded via our distributor-only login site from today - but you need to be registered on our site - after all...this is a site just for our best and brightest !

On a procedural note:
For 2014 will be asking for PO's that have reference numbers as we are finding it challenging to just track projects and orders through emails with little or no PO reference identities. As you change your PO and resubmit, we want to ensure we are capturing all the information to be as accurate as possible. It's all about giving you efficient customer service.

We are now putting a decal on the mixer heads as we have discovered some end users do not add oil initially or routinely - so we hope this will cut down failures.


Again, the IPM team, globally , wish you the very best in a joyous, peaceful and fun holiday time.

Thank you so much for your business and I hope to be seeing you in the new year.

Our plans for next year ? Support of the distributors who support us  ----  Thanks again !!!!

Doug Twyford


See you at the show  !!!!   Booth 507

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