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IPM offers three things...Quality, Value and Reliability.
For over 25 years IPM has been supporting your customers with simple reliable pumps.
This issue brings a number of items...firstly the offer of 50 bucks!

Send us your 'beauty shots' of your rigs - showing IPM pumps installed and each one we publish on our website does two things...promotes your business and gets you a $50 Home Depot gift card !

It's that simple. Send your best images to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Just click on the gift card and launch an email.


Keep advising your customers to flush their pumps to ensure great operation. Crystallization is a pump seal killer.
BUT ALSO...should you ever need to return a pump to IPM under warranty the pump needs to be decontaminated (flushed that is) prior to shipping.
OSHA and EPA regulations stipulate this. We can no longer accept undrained pumps.

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News item affecting your bottom line !!!!

We heard you ... and we are ending the drop ship charges immediately on all orders of $200 or more.
(A minimum order of $100 still applies.)
The IPM Wall Mount kit (printable) brochure is available from our website in the login only distributor section. Click on the drum to go there. It contains all the recommended parts. Save your pump from damage by using these wall mount kits in your rigs.
News from the convention.
  • Buzz of excitement over our wall mount kits and the expanded range of pumps and accessories.
  • Comments on maintenance intervals.
IPM suggests maintaining the pumps every 4 to 6 months for flawless operation...with our maintenance kit of o-rings and seals.

What we offer to you, our distributor:

A wide range of dependable, reliable and consistently high performing products.
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