Technical Items to Improve Performance

Mixer motor maintenance -   The trusty FRL


Your IPM mixer / agitator requires 1 drop of air tool oil every 50-75cfm.  When your IPM mixer motor is run 'wide open', it consumes 78cfm, so that means, ideally,  “The air motor requires 1 drop of lubrication every minute of run time”. 
It also requires a 5 micron filter in the air line before the motor, followed by an air pressure regulator to control speed and torque, followed by a lubricator. To cut time we just call the package an 'FRL' - Filter, Regulator and Lubricator.

The lubricator should be installed as close as possible to the air motor, and not more than 18” away, if at all possible. 

Install the lubricator level with or above the air motor with SAE 10W motor oil. 

We do offer a system from IPM, but would prefer ANY system rather than no system. Its all about the customer experiencing great performance from his system.


The complete FRL comes ready to be wall mounted and significantly increases the operational performance of all your connected equipment.

This is the IPM version and has a very high throughput of careful when looking at other FRL's that they have the same flow ability.

Spring is here let's SPRING into maintenance...!!!!

As rigs start up this spring, unfortunately, without prior maintenance, the start up can lead to pump failures. This may be due to a number of issues...'frozen/stuck' foot valves, 'dry' o-rings etc...all contribute to a sad and frustrating start up. So.....SPRING TO IT !!!!
maintenance (repair) kits are now available...order extra springs, and also the exhaust valve too.....your customers will be happy you can supply straight from your stock.
As a minimum it would be a huge advantage to install an in line lubricator for your rigs to maximize performance and minimize 'downtime' and start-up issues.
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