June Newsletter 2015


J. Calaman Industries, our long time distributor, had invited IPM out to his job site, at the Arica. A 200ft fishing vessel, that will be heading to the waters off Alaska. IPM pumps were used to spray the foam on the hull of the ship.
We thank J. Calaman Industries for their time and invitation. 

Jim at work, Zina trying not to fall in the hole!!! 

IPM will be closed on Friday July 3rd. IPM wish everyone a very happy Independence Day!!! 

Hope you all enjoy the festivity of the 4th, and remember to thank John Adams for the fireworks! 

MAINTAIN YOUR PUMP.. To expand the life of your pump, IPM recommends pump maintenance every 3 months.. Repair kits are available, call today!!!
IP-01 series:
601004, 601005, and 601006
IP-02 series:
601011 and 601013
OP series:
601018 and 601035