OCT Newsletter 2017

Improved Warranty and Warranty Registration process 

IPM now offers an improved warranty on its fluid transfer pumps, with full coverage against manufacturing defects for 12 months from the date of user purchase.

In addition, IPM has also made it easy to register for warranty coverage via the ipmpumps.com website. On all our pump packaging, you will now find this sticker:

A new pump owner can enter the URL on the sticker, or use the digital-bar-code to get directly to the right page in the IPM website. These QR codes are widely used in business for all kinds of purposes, and they can be very useful with mobile devices. All the warranty registration data is collected in a secure database for reference and use in support of warranty claims. However, IPM’s quality history is quite good: Only seven claims for warranty issues in the past 24 months…with several thousand pumps sold over that period.

Featured IPM Pump: The OP-242CD

The state-of-the-art, two-ball piston design of OP Series pumps provides uniform positive fluid displacement. ISO 9000-level manufacturing practices maintain excellent quality in production. Easily disassembled for cleaning, these pumps also can be quickly serviced with model-specific repair-kits provided by IPM.

Constant product improvement efforts in OP-series pumps has led to a cutting-edge design with larger openings allowing 69% greater suction capability. This avoids cavitation and any need for drum-heating. They also now have ¾” NPT outlet openings giving higher flow rates. Pumps come in configurations permitting installation in spray rigs with low ceilings, yet still easily capable of reaching the bottom of a drum.


Upcoming Events: The Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance trade event in Mobile, AL

International Pump Manufacturing is planning to participate in the annual SPFA conference and exhibition, to be held in Mobile, AL in late January, 2018. This is a big, internationally-attended event featuring all the best companies engaged in the spray-foam insulation industry. With recent weather events bringing increased attention to home reconstruction and hurricane reinforcement, it is likely these topics will be heavily discussed during this conference.

IPM plans to be on-hand with an array of pump products and accessories to support spray-foam applicators and rig operators from the Americas and everywhere else polyurethane foams are used for insulation and temperature control.