1995: IPM was incorporated on march 20th, 1995.

1995: The first Sales GM, Ron Rivers joined IPM on July 1st,1995. IPM purchased the license for the OP232C transfer pump from Gusmer Inc. Since then, the OP232C pump was overwhelmingly accepted by the global market.

1996 : IPM (Asia), Singapore was set up in 1996 for handling IPM’s business for Asia Pacific, India, Middle East and Africa.

1996 to 1997: IP-01 and IP-02 pump series brought to market

1998:IPM became OEM Transfer pump vendors for Gusmer Enterprises.

2003:IPM became OEM Transfer pump vendors for Glasscraft Inc.

2008 to 2011: IPM continued their relationship as an OEM vendor for Graco Inc from 2008 to 2011, after Graco acquired Gusmer Inc.

Present: IPM has a network of more than 300 distributors worldwide.