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IPM New Website

To our valued customers:

The last several months have given us all pause to evaluate how best to conduct our business in the remaining balance of this year. Understanding how our segment of the market can even function in this environment has been difficult to get our arms around. As travel has been greatly restricted, it leaves all of us with many opportunities stuck in limbo. And while we all have been doing our best on Skype, Zoom or Facetime- it is still not the same thing as being there in person. Nevertheless, we are making inroads on projects that have been waiting in the wings for far too long.

These developments, which will assist not only our distributors, but their customers as well, will include a new IPM website. The new website will be a functional piece of our identity to help promote the use of our pumps, while at the same time providing resources which are not currently available. These resources will include updated manuals showing better detail on torque specifications on all crucial components. The new manuals will be available for anyone to download.

IPM has also made over 20 videos on assembling and dis-assembling the fluid and air sections of all our pumps. The hope in uploading these videos is two-fold; the first part being that our distributors have need of them, especially for training purposes and reference tools. Secondly, sharing the video links with your end users will afford the distributor the opportunity to be the resource that all of your customers require. As an added benefit, imagine how much time and frustration could be saved if by simply watching a short video, you were able to get one of your valued customers back up and running within minutes instead of hours, or even days.

Lastly, as a nod to our distributors that stock our pumps, IPM has instituted a more streamlined version of our warranty policy. While not fully implemented, yet, the pumps have had an upgrade to their labels. All future labels on IPM pumps will be imprinted with a QR code, which should be activated at the point of sale to the end user. This QR code is attached to that specific pump’s serial number, and is therefore unique. After scanning the code with virtually any smart phone- the end user can activate their own warranty at the point of purchase. The new labelling has already been rolled out on some of the IP-02 pumps, with the balance of our pumps simply waiting until existing inventories have been consumed.

This is by no means all that we intend on moving forward with. And while our new website will indeed be a work in progress as we receive feedback from our distributors, it is our hope that collaboration with you will give IPM a better grasp on the direction that will benefit you most. All of us here at IPM wish you the best in navigating the uncharted territory that all of us are now in.

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